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 “I See Your Beauty & I Capture It”

As always observed and practiced by prominent Landscape Photographers, the observation and appreciation of the ‘Landscape Vista’ before them, is the Artistic Creation that Landscape Photographers choose to create their Artwork, which is based upon their observations of the scene. After which they transfer those thoughts, feelings and observations to their image recording equipment, (ie: their Camera), for all to see and admire. Much can also to be said and appreciated, though the observation of the ‘Feminine Landscape’, with similar observations and decisions to be made, such as to the Curve and Shape of the Subject before them, combined with the Smooth Elegance and Grace of the Feminine Form.

My personal appreciation of the ‘Feminine Landscape’ is centred within this genre of photography and can be best portrayed by viewing the images located on this page of my Swimsuit Collection of ‘Boutique Beauties’.


Fashion Photo Shoot with Leah
Fashion Photo Shoot with Leah

A BOUTIQUE 'FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY' PHOTO SHOOT - with our Model on the Day - Ms. Leah W. Photographed entirely within the : BAI-LATINA Studio, in Royce Court, Joondalup. Which allows the use of the...


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