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Portrait Photography

My Ambition in creating Portraiture Photography is to Capture that Special Unique Moment in Time, to record what lies beneath the Public Mask we all wear, revealing the Natural Persona, Beauty & Charisma of the Person being photographed.

Fashion Photography

I welcome your interest and your enthusiasm to begin your Fashion Career, starting with a Fashion Photography Shoot with us. We invite you to contact us for more information, details, and pricing. Boutique Photographics has a direct association with an Internationally Associated Modelling Agency, (‘Indi-Models – Academy & Agency’), who have an Office-based here in Perth, Western Australia.

Glamour Photography

“A Woman, who loves to be loved, is the only “being” known to Mankind that can convey her Soul, her Feelings and her Emotions to the World, through the Expression portrayed in her Eyes” – As a‘Boutique Photographer’, it is my Privilege and Honour to capture those communications for the viewer/s to observe and contemplate.

Model & Maternity Portfolios

Photography & Maternity Models who Associate & Work with Boutique Photographics, will always be treated with mutual respect, modesty and decorum. As I believe that without a Model’s Appreciation, Co-operation & Alacrity, I would be only photographing an ‘Empty Space’. Further Details are available Upon Request.

Boutique Weddings

‘Boutique Weddings by Hyrom Jones’, provides “Special Images to Remember & Cherish”. Boutique Weddings specialise in the smaller Boutique Wedding, in preference to the larger, more involved Event/s. Thus allowing us more time and opportunities to capture those ‘Special Happy and Emotional Images’ that we all expect and enjoy, on your Wedding Day. Images to Reflect upon, not only just after the Event is over, but for your entire Lifetime, for you and your loved ones to Reflect Upon and Remember that Special Day in your lives – Your Wedding Day.

Photography Training Workshops

Without the Presence of Light, it would not be possible to capture those Special Unique Moments in Time, that allow us to Reminisce upon the Memories and Personal Emotions, portrayed by the Subject, depicted within the Photograph”. This is my Reference to Power of Light and how important it is to the Photographer, capturing the Event to express their Artistic Talents and to the Subject, (ie: the Model), being Photographed. These actions and techniques are what is to taught during a Boutique Photography Training Workshop. ‘Boutique Photographics’ specialises in Strobist Lighting Techniques, Model Posing and Camera Techniques, both in Studio, or ‘On Location’, to acquire professional results. Boutique Photography Workshops can either be conducted in Groups, or by special ‘One on One’ Appointments, thus satisfying our Clients needs. Workshop Fees do vary according to Workshop Types, Locations, Model/s Required and the necessary Photographic Equipment, that may be required on the day. Thus we do invite you to Contact us personally for more information and details.

A Special Note:

About our : PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING WORKSHOPS – “Where Photographers & Models, Learn Together”

As a Boutique Photographer, I offer my Services to all Photographers, who choose to enhance their skills. Whether your experience is at a Beginner’s Level, Intermediate or Professional, my Style and Genre of Photography, combined with my personal experience and knowledge of Photography, may provide you with what you need to move Yourself to the next level.

I specialise in ‘Studio’ and ‘On Location’ Strobist Lighting, as well as Model Posing, which expressly relates in my case to the Beauty, Glamour and Fashion, genres of Photography. If would like to know more, I recommend you attend a Boutique Photography Training Workshop, to discover more about these Photographic Genres and Techniques.

Call us now on : 0415 808 932, to receive more information and reserve your position at our next Photography Training Event.


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