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 “To Be Seen & Admired by All”

Photography & Maternity Models who Associate & Work with Boutique Photographics, will always be treated with mutual respect, modesty and decorum. As we believe that without a Model’s Appreciation, Co-operation & Alacrity, we would be only photographing an ‘Empty Space’.

Should you wish to make an appointment for a Portfolio Photo Shoot, we invite you to make further Inquiries with us on +61 415 808 932 or via email at [email protected].

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Fashion Photo Shoot with Leah
Fashion Photo Shoot with Leah

A BOUTIQUE 'FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY' PHOTO SHOOT - with our Model on the Day - Ms. Leah W. Photographed entirely within the : BAI-LATINA Studio, in Royce Court, Joondalup. Which allows the use of the...


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