Hi All.

Please enjoy some of the images I captured at our most recent Fashion Photography Workshop. Held on Sunday, July 08.  We elected to travel to another seaside action, that was more suitable for the Model to Pose for us at the water’s edge.  The weather was extremely kind to us throughout the day and thus we were able to fully utilise the facilities available to us.  The model, “Chatts.H @ INDI MODELS – Academy + Agency”, was very happy to pose for us in the beautiful sunshine, which was pleasantly warm and prevalent, on the day.

After the event, we retired to a nearby Cafe and enjoyed a photographic de-brief and a Coffee.   ‘Chaats’ accompanied us and relayed her interpretation of the event to all the photographers present.   Her comments proved to be invaluable to those present, as we all received good photographic feedback from ‘Chatts’, from a Professional Model’s perspective.  A special thanks must go to the INDI MODEL’s Fashion Photographer, who attended the Workshop and provided good sound advice to the Photographers participating, about the importance of posing models correctly to assist them in seeking employment within the Fashion Industry.   A Good day was experienced by all and I hope to see you all again at our next planned Workshop, coming soon.    So stay tuned !     Best regards, Hyrom Jones – Boutique Photographer.